Health & Safety

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety CertificationEPS Site Solutions work closely with its health and safety advisors to maintain the highest health and safety standards at all times. This relationship is maintained via continuous training and improvement towards the prevention of all personal injury.     
We provide continuous training for management and operatives to maintain the best knowledge and understanding of H&S within their respective field of expertise.

All EPS Site Solutions operatives are CSCS trained and we ensure all managers and supervisors have SMSTS or SSSTS certification.

As part of our Health and Safety monitoring we employ a training matrix and arrange for operatives to attend specialist safety courses to suit either an individual’s particular discipline or a current project’s requirements.

Competent operatives, electricians and plumbers are JIB, City & Guilds trained and apprentices are trained through the JTL scheme.

Management and operatives are actively encouraged to record accidents and near miss incidents using nameless forms. These are reviewed and lessons learned, to develop Work Safe procedures to help prevent future accidents.

EPS Site Solutions carry out routine inspection and testing where appropriate to all electrical installations. In addition to this a quarterly periodic inspection and testing policy is carried out by our on site maintenance NICEIC tester.  All test results are recorded on NIC/EIC approved certificates and copies sent to client and site H&S files.

All Electrical plant and equipment is checked and tested before it leaves EPS Site Solutions depot, a record is kept of test results. Each item of equipment is recorded with a asset number and project log for equipment monitoring records.

All projects are overseen by our nominated Health &Safety Manager/ Supervisor to ensure that all practices and policies are adhered to at all times. We carry out on the spot Director site visits to make sure the highest standards are maintained.


Environmentally FriendlyBeing environmentally friendly and reducing our carbon footprint is incredibly important to us. The environmental impact is a critical issue within the construction industry, at EPS Site Solutions we takes steps to reduce that impact by always looking for improved methods so that our works have a minimal impact on the environment. We strive to continuously improve our environmental performance by practicing and offering our clients the best possible Mechanical & Electrical packages. EPS Site Solutions offer the following systems which provide the best possible environmental performance and cost savings are in turn passed on to our clients.

  • Design of Energy Saving Systems
  • Low Energy Lighting Systems
  • Time Clock Control Circuits {enabling on-off control as required}
  • 4 Core Wiring systems
  • Supply and Metering Centre  - to give accurate indication of site power usage
  • Smart Metering - Tracking gas, water and electric - data is processed using integral software
  • Recycling – Promote  the reuse or recycle of materials to minimise landfill
  • Delivery to sites – EPS Site Solutions work closely with its wholesalers to actively reduce CO2 emissions created through deliveries and minimize the amount of daily deliveries
  • Train and make our staff aware of environmental issues

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